With March-madness wrapping up soon it is now time for us to introduce the first ever Ales Hřebesky Memorial April awesomeness (not sure that works), anyway the format is simple.

1 Point for each team you seed correctly,  1 point for every time you select the correct winner of a game.

Winners will share 50% of the pot with the other 50% going towards the Adler u19 team. Cost is 100 Czech Crowns or €5 .


1) Send the completely filled out form to adlerlacrosse@gmail.com by April 17th (please save the file as Your Name)
2)Pay your fee in person during or before day 1 of the memorial. Failure to do so will void your bracket. Paypal or bank tansfer is also accepted
3) You are allowed to enter more then 1 bracket
4) 1 point for properly seeding each team  (A1, A2, B1, B2 etc..) 1 point every time you select the winner of the game.

How to fill out your bracket:

Starting from the sweet 16 games on, you are to fill out the attached bracket.  It is your job to pick which teams will come in 1st and 2nd in the 7 groups as well as 2 best 3rd place teams (t15 and T16).

Please print out the file found below, and send to adlerlacrosse@gmail.com


16 Team bracket 16jpeg














Group A – Pioneers, Sultans, Eagles

Group B – Gaels, Turku, Helan Gar

Group C – Tel Aviv, Malesice, BATS

Group D – Megamen, Vienna, Swiss

Group E – Privateers, Glasgow, Bundeswehr

Group F – LCJM, London, Adler

Group G Radotin, Riggers, Alberta

any question please don’t hesitate to ask.


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