It’s long been debated if Indoor Lacrosse help players with Field Lacrosse but the answer seems to be here. Thanks to research done by sports technology company Krossover we can now see the results. They found that “Canadian-born Division 1 players had a significantly  higher shooting percentage than their american counterparts”.

Krossover studied the 2015 MLL Season and came back with interesting results. It’s worth noting that this sample size is small but nonetheless it notices a pattern.

In the MLL  both Canadian and American shooters shot roughly the same % from the ‘hole’ (41.9% and 40.1% respectively). However Canadians overall shot total was far more common from the hole than the Americans total. Just over 20% of Canadians shots were taken from the middle while only 12.1% of Americans shots were from the same area. As you can see from the below image Canadians were more often then not to wind up in front of the net than Americans.



The main reason why Canadians shot from the middle was that the majority of their goals were preceded by an assist. As Indoor lacrosse shows, offball movement is much  more effective than trying to beat your defender 1 on 1. When your active off ball then the defense breaks down and more spaces open up for the offense.

In the video below you can see how Team Canada’s Kevin Crowley scores on a perfect backdoor cut. He catches the American defender ball watching and cuts off the back of his helmet to score Canada’s first goal of the game. What’s important was the he waited for the defender to begin his slide before he started his cut. In Indoor Lacrosse timing is everything and you can see how it easily translates over to Field. Canada went on to stun the Americans and pull of the upset to win theGold medal.

Division 1 University Schools are taking notice as well. Many of them now practice ‘indoor’ in the winter and an increasing amount of Canadians are being recruited to play south of the border.

The payoffs of Indoor Lacrosse is clear: lots of reptititions in tight spaces, tight passes and working in close environments pays huge dividends in the field game. Compared to indoor, field goals are massive. Along with smaller goalie equipment shooters have way more net to look at in Field. Being able to score in Field is ‘easy’ compared to scoring in Indoor.

Currently Canada are:

-Mens world Field Champions

-Mens Indoor Champions

-U19 Girls World Champions (Girls Indoor Lacrosse is also big in Canada)

It is no coincidence that Canada are currently the top of the world when it comes to Lacrosse.

To read the full article you can see it on here

2 responses to “Indoor skills help in the Field game”

  1. UKLaxfan says:

    What is the debate? Who is arguing that playing Indoor Lacrosse doesn’t help develop your game? Three are a myriad of benefits to playing Box Lacrosse that will help improve your Field game. Good Luck with lacrosse in Germany

  2. BT says:

    Hey UKLaxfan,

    We’re not saying it doesn’t help. We’re just trying to reinforce that it helps your overall game. You can see the results here in Germany since the Adler have been established.

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