The last group we look at could be one of the most unique groups of the bunch. LCC-Radotin, Riggers and new comers Team Alberta are the three teams fighting it out. We aren’t really sure what to expect from Alberta, but we know Radotin is always a contender to win and the Riggers always seem to underachieve.

LCC Radotin (2015 Results 3rd)

imageRadotin have ruled the Czech NBLL for the past decade and that has showed in 2014 when they won the memorial and last year comming 3rd. We think Radotin may be in tough this year as this is probably the closet thing to a group of death that we have this year. Domink Pesek and Radek Skala will control how well the teams does, will they play as individuals which happens a lot with this team? or will they be able to come together as in the previous years. The crowd will get behind the club if they start to build momentum.  2016 Predictions 1-4

Dublin Riggers (2015 Results 11th)


The Riggers have been a solid middle of the tournament team since 2012. Captain and grizzled veteran Sean Gibson looks to build on the success of the Irish indoor program. Gibson needs for Goaltender Mike Cregan to step up and come to play and Drew Wichman to put the ball in the net. With a 1-1 group play record they will be moving on and likely face the Privateers or Bundeswehr.  Their results will depend on how the group play goes and if they can limit the amount of Pilsners consumed in the pre-game.  2016 Predications 9-13

Team Alberta (2015 Results New Team)

imageTeam Alberta is making their European debut and have big shoes to fill with replacing the Regina Heat and their “best uniforms ever”.  (I miss those comments this year). Although we don’t really know much about Team Alberta we can be assured they will have some good players. There is a good chance they will try to play a rough and tough style of lacrosse and bully some of the smaller teams. We predict an 80% chance for a brawl of some sort vs the Riggers. The wild rose country team can go far into the tournament as long as the guys don’t find themselves stuck downtown at the 24 hour clubs that draw many new comers in. Not to mention getting a beer for only loonie or twoonie. 2016 Predictions 8-13

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