Lets take a look at Group F for this years Ales Hrebesky Memorial. This is probably the most important group of the tournament which will see the “great One” Wayne Gretzky suit up for the Deutschland Adler. Joining the Adler in Group F are local favourites Jižní Město and London Knights.

Jižní Město 2015 Results 5th

imageThe boys from the flats in the South City always seem to pick things up during the memorial. It could be that Pavel Došlý offers bonus’s to the players for the weekend. They recently played great and it showed with their 5th and 7th place finishes in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Došlý is still one of the top players in Czechia and has developed some very good players under his rule. Players like Joachim Plecháček and goaltender Tomáš Čekal will ensure that LCJM will be back on top in NBLL soon enough.  This is a tough group to call but we expect all three teams to come out of the group with JM taking the second spot. They will likely face up against the 15th place team in the Tournament.
2016 Prediction 8-12


London Knights 2015 Results 12th

imageThe Knights have been a main stay of the April Classic since 2007. Their roster has seen many changes and are without Allan Keely and Andrew Fernando this year. The Roster will see several players from last September’s English national team. With 2 back to back 12 place finishes the Knights need to prove to the world that England is more then a field lacrosse country and can compete with the world at indoor lacrosse. Knights full roster.  2016 Predictions 8-12



Deutschland Adler 2015 Results – did not play gave spot to Team Germany

imageThe Adler will have one of the greatest athletes of all time in their lineup. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of Facebook shares and emails that we have received we are sure you all know by now that Wayne Gretzky will be suiting up for the Adler. With the addition of the Great One Dirk Pohlman was nice enough to give up his #99 for what we can only assume was a couple cases of Waynes fantastic icewine.  The Adler also have several Team Germany players suchas; Artjom Merjasch who after receiving his German Citizenship nows go by Artjom Meriasch, Stefan Schröder, Henning Ratjen and the two god fathers Brian Tyacke and Jamie Plunkett. Full Roster here. A tough matchup against the Megamen await the Adler in the elimnation round of the tournament if they can finish 2nd. 2016 predictions 1-4

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