Welcome to the Group B preview of the 2016 Ales Hřebesky Memorial. Group B features a perennial favourite and two Scandinavian teams which should lead to a great rivalry game.

Headlining this group are the Green Gaels who are joined by the Turku Titans and Helan Går from Sweden.

Green Gaels (2015 result 2nd place)

The Gaels are the clear favourite to win this group. Winning the group is just a small step for the Gaels. Having lost the finals the past two consecutive years they’ll be gunning to finally reclaim the Championship they’ve come so close at getting. There still is a lot of mystery with the Gaels as they haven’t released their roster yet – but it’s a safe bet to say they’ll be in the running for the title this year. Last year they were led by Dylan Goddard and Gavin Prout up front and Donny ‘Disco’ Jacks on the defensive end. Who we have heard can’t make it back to this years tournament. Up next after the group round is a matchup against  Swiss or Vienna.   2016 prediction place 1-4

Turku Titans (2015 result 13th place) 


imageThe Turku Titans will give the Gaels the toughest test in their group games. Finland is an established lacrosse country and the majority of their team in Syracuse was made up of players from Turku. A majority of the same players will be in Radotin where they hope to improve on their 14th place finish from last year. Led by the friendly giant  Jarno Aaltonen, Roope Jokela, Robert Rattila and Markus ‘the enforcer’ Mattila this is a team to watch out for. While they might not win the trophy they’ll definitely beat any challenger at Buffalo and hands down will win as the team with the most eye black on. The Titans will be wearing a new  and rather interesting design, this one is inspired by the West Coast Natives. They are likely to finish group play with a 1-1 record seeing them play against A2, which probably will be the Sultans. 2016 Prediction place 8-12


Helan Går (2015 result 19th place)

Helan GårSwedish Fish will be looking to be improve on their 19th place result from last year. They’ll be led and backstopped by Kurt Cinney in goal and by Markus Lind and Matthias Eklund on offence. Helan Går will have a very tough time against the Green Gaels and will look to try improve against Turku. For them to improve on their finish from last year they’ll need to get more goals and guys scoring besides Markus and Matthias. If the Sweden v Finland rivalry in hockey is any indication, then the game against Turku should be quite a heated affair. The boys from Sweden pay homage to their homelands most famous candy “The Swedish Fish”. These will for sure be the talk of the tournament 2016 Predictions 18-21



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