The Deutschland Adler U19 program looking are for Billets in Ontario, BC and NY State.

We are asking for families to open their homes for the summer months. (exact dates TBA). We are looking at having 5-7 players come from Germany and join us in Ontario, BC and NY State for the summer, before suiting up for us at the World Lacrosse Challenge August 24-28th in Six Nations.

With the u19 World Field Lacrosse tournament being played in Coquitlam, BC July 7-16 2016 we would like to keep some of the players in Canada for the summer to help cut down on the costs of transatlantic flights for the players, who could potentially playing in both tournaments.

Our goal is to also have the players spend time with a local club, either playing in games if talented enough, or at least practicing with teams in your area.

For more information please contact us at


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Jamie Plunkett

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Jamie Plunkett is one of the two founders of Deutschland Adler Lacrosse Club. Jamie originally comes from Peterborough, On, but has been in Berlin for the past 2.5 years.