Over the next couple of weeks we will be previewing all groups 7 groups of the 2015 Aleš Hřebeský Memorial

Up next Group B

Group B has the biggest surprise team from last years Ales Hrebesky Memorial with the Vienna Monarchs going in ranked as the top team, followed by TJ Malesice and one of the three new teams in Helan Går from Sweden. Click HERE for the full round robin Schedule.

Vienna MonarchsAs mentioned Vienna Monarchs were a big surprise last year, after going 0-2 in group play they advanced to the sweet 16 as the best 3rd place team. The Monarchs look to show that last year wasn’t a fluke and they deserve to up with the big boys. For this to happen the Hauer brothers (Klaus and Richi), Stefan Marschall and Goaltender Christoph Kunert will need to take their experience from the ELL and show they deserve to be one of the best teams.  2014 Results: 6th

Vienna Monarch Schedule

No more matches scheduled.

Bez názvu - 1Despite being the second ranked team in group B Malesice will be favoured to come out of the group with a 2-0 record. The local Czech team normally fares well in the group play, but just not be able to make it over the group of 16 hurdle. Tomas Beran and Deutschland Adler player Jakob Kos look to take the team into the quarter finals or even further.  2014 Results: 15th

TJ Malesice Schedule

No more matches scheduled.

helen garNewcomer Helan Går probably couldn’t have asked for a better draw as a new team, and not having to play any traditional top teams in group play. Despite being new to box lacrosse the Swedish based team could turn some heads. Curt Kinney will look to sneak out a couple of victories for his team as he is one of the experienced box lacrosse players on the squad. National Team players & Helan Gar Captains Jimmy Blomgren, Mattias Eklund, and Jack Hommelhoff will be their offensive threats, however, scoring always seems to be the biggest issue for teams who are crossing over from field lacrosse. Only time will tell if Helan Går will have the same kryptonite as many other european teams. 2014 Results: New Team

Helan Går Schedule

No more matches scheduled.

2015 Predictions

1)  TJ Malesice

2) Vienna Monarchs

3) Helan Går

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