Now that the 2016 version of the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial is done and in the books it’s time to take a look back to see how the Deutschland Adler ‘experts’ predicated the tournament to unfold.

This was a tournament that had a lot of upsets and were teams defanitely suprised and let us down us. Admittedly we underestimed the eventual tournament champions Team Alberta. In our defense the pick to have the Ladner Pioneers finish top 4 again was made before their final roster was realeased. While they still finished top 10 they weren’t as strong as we had though.

We also underestimed the amazing performance of the Turku Titans. We picked them to finish in place 8-12. The boys from Turku narrowly missed out on the finals losing in a shootout and eventually finished in 4th place.

Below you can see the final tournament standings alongside what we predicted in brackets.
Needless to say we’ll spend the next 359 days doing better research on the teams in preperation for next years Tournament.


2016 AHM Standings

1) Alberta Lacrosse (prediction: 8-13)
2) LCC Custodes (prediction: 1-4)
3) Clarington Green Gaels (prediction: 1-4)
4) Turku Titans (prediction: 8-12)
5) Boston Megamen (prediction: 1-4)
6) TJ Malešice (prediction: 9-16)
7) Nova Scotia Privateers (prediction: 4-8)
8) Jižní Město (prediction: 8-12)
9) Ladner Pioneers (prediction: 1-4)
10) Vienna Monarchs (prediction: 10-14)
11) Bats Bratislava (prediction: 13-17)
12) Istanbul Sultans (prediction: 8-12)
13) Goldstar Tel Aviv (prediction: 3-6)
14) Glasgow Clydesiders (prediction: 17-21)
15) London Knights (prediction: 8-12)
16) Deutschland Adler (prediction: 1-4)
17) Dublin Riggers (prediction: 9-13)
18) Bundeswehr Lacrosse (prediction: 7-11)
19) Helan Går Lacrosse (prediction: 18-21)
20) Chocolax (prediction: 16-21)
21) Polish Eagles (prediction: 18-21)





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