After day one the Adler sit at a respectable 1-1 record, and with a little luck and better execution could be 2-0. Pending any crazy outcome from the Jizni Mesto London Knights game tomorrow morning, the Adler should finnish second in the group and would face the Megamen in the sweet 16. Game time is 6PM CET. We will keep you posted. After the first day the Adler have 3 players in the top 15 in points; Artjom Merjasch, Brian Tyacke and Thorben Fiswick congrats boys, and for all the complete tournament stats and Adler stats follow the links


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Jamie Plunkett

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Jamie Plunkett is one of the two founders of Deutschland Adler Lacrosse Club. Jamie originally comes from Peterborough, On, but has been in Berlin for the past 2.5 years.